7 November 2018

Sweet fundraising option for SU chappies

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Australian beekeepers are buzzing about their new fundraiser for SU QLD chaplains and the children and young people they support.

Australian Beekeepers Cooperative Honey – ABC Honey – will donate 20% from every sale (excluding delivery) through its website to SU QLD, while also offering honey packs for chaplains to use as fundraisers at their school with the principal’s permission.

Chairman of the Australian Beekeepers Cooperative Limited, Ugis Lauberts, said they were excited about the opportunity to support school chaplaincy.

We believe SU provides an essential support service for children and teens around Queensland,” Mr Ugis said.

“We support the values chaplains demonstrate. Chaplains show real care and concern for the students in their schools, and the chaplains we know personally are great people who genuinely care.

It’s great to support SU QLD in such a healthy way.  Our honey is 100% Australian and you can be sure that by buying ABC Honey, you’re supporting SU QLD.”

Mr Lauberts said by buying ABC Honey through their website using code SU1, or from a chaplain doing a honey fundraiser, you would support your local chaplain and help Aussie beekeepers and save Aussie bees!

ABC Honey will donate 20% to SU QLD from every order (excluding delivery) made through their website.  

“For direct fundraising events ABC Honey would be delighted to provide stock for chaplains to sell, especially 500g squeezie bottles of premium Australian table honey,” he said.  

ABC Honey is the marketing arm of the Australian Beekeepers Cooperative Limited, whose members are highly supportive of this initiative between SU QLD and ABC Honey.

In this pre-Christmas period, ABC Honey is supporting chaplains who may wish to promote honey products for Christmas gifts, by logging onto the website with a unique number.

Supporters of these chappies may also purchase honey through the SU QLD page on ABC Honey’s website and earn them a donation.

Check out their website https://www.abchoney.com.au/pages/su, and ‘Like’ them on Facebook www.facebook.com/abchoneyaustralia

Jennifer Kerr

Media and Communications Administrator

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