14 July 2015

We love our volunteers!

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Join us in celebrating the amazing volunteers who commit their lives to serving Queensland’s youth. If you are a volunteer reading this right now, then thank you!

More than 4,000 volunteers work on the SU QLD frontlines, supporting hundreds of thousands of young people each year. Here are just four of those who help in very different ways:

Arthur Conomos – Chair of SU QLD board

Arthur Conomos

“I work with the executive team to oversee the vision, direction, strategy, finances, risk management, performance and culture of SU QLD.

“SU QLD played a significant role in my discipleship, and it’s now playing that role for my children too. I hugely value the work of SU, and welcome the opportunity to give my time to invest back into an organisation that has had a significant influence on my life,” he says.

Sarah McClelland – Breakfast Club Volunteer

11246476_976718472362267_7849247758120322829_n copy

A few years ago Chaplain Julie shared with Sarah her vision of what Breakfast Clubs are – a place where a child’s physical, emotional and social needs can be met. Now Sarah blesses Morayfield State School students each week with a good breakfast!

“It allows kids to interact with other kids they wouldn’t normally mix with, they learn about taking turns, cleaning up and working together. While learning social skills they also meet adults who are safe and are there to encourage them.”

John Thorlton – Brisbane Office volunteer

Jon - 4

“Each week, I do various office duties, like delivering letters, inputting data into computers, and writing.

“I remember at a fundraising event, it was my job to count and open all the donation envelopes. I opened one and, the memory still touches me. Inside was a letter from someone offering to pay for the future education of one young student,” says John.

Aischa Arney – Camp volunteer                                                                                          

Aischa Arney

From early on, Aischa and her family were involved in SU QLD mission trips to Indigenous communities in Central Queensland.

“I remember when I was a kid, the camp leaders changed my life. People who walk into your life leave a piece of themselves there, as you do when you walk into someone’s life. And as a camp leader, I love that I get to leave something positive in young people’s lives,” says Aischa.

Thank you to all our volunteers! No matter your gifts and passions, there is a way you can volunteer with us. Contact us today on 07 3112 6599 or email info@suqld.org.au to find out where you are needed!



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