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Your support made their journey to manhood possible

How long is the road from boyhood to manhood?

According to 13 Year 8 boys from Cooktown, it’s a highly challenging 222 kilometres.

While the boys may not officially be men yet, each of them has gained new life skills and a heightened sense of responsibility after completing local school chaplain Dave Kamholtz’ ‘Journey to Manhood’ mountain biking challenge.

“This has been an epic trip. Each day was a genuine challenge, but the boys’ persistence and commitment was deeply rewarded with memories and character development that will last a lifetime,” says Chappy Dave.

Local adventurer and businessman Ray Wright and a dedicated team of volunteer dads and grandfathers from the local community joined with Chappy Dave and the 13 boys to navigate the ‘treacherous’ Wakooka trail in Far North Queensland. Continue reading

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How you helped answer a father’s prayer

At just three years of age a healthy, happy Jamil suffered a grand mal seizure and was rushed to hospital. Six months later, he was diagnosed with epilepsy.

After Jamil started school, he would be further diagnosed with a range of complex learning disorders.

The news hit Jamil’s parents Frank and Veronica hard, particularly as they watched their son struggle with basic reading and writing.

Despite the multiple diagnoses, Jamil has been blessed with a loving family and a charming personality, which has helped him settle in and make friends at school.

While glad that his son had school friends, Frank’s prayer was for his son to find Christian friends too, particularly after hearing Jamil use some eyebrow-raising language at home.
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A boy, a girl and a global movement…

By Terry Williams, Scripture Union International

He was just a young man telling children about God’s love while on holidays at the beach. She was just a young girl teaching a Sunday School class, when her passion for helping children read the Bible for themselves led her to create the first Bible reading card.

These two young people, Josiah Spiers in 1867 and Annie Marsden in 1879, were formative pioneers in shaping the movement we know today as Scripture Union – a movement that now spans 120 countries worldwide.

In Queensland, it has been friends like you carrying this movement forward.

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You transformed Jacob’s* anger into hope

When faced with violent threats from Prep student, Jacob*, Chappy Janelle and her fellow school staff chose to respond with love and kindness. Four years later, Jacob is now serving others.

“[Jacob] came to my school when he was starting Prep… When we were on playground duty with him, he would say stuff like, ‘I’m going to get a big knife and stab you. I’m going to kill you.’… The teacher’s aides and I would just give him a positive response back, and try to make him feel good about himself,” explains Janelle.

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From scribbling in the sand to bringing hope

A desire to bring God’s love, hope and good news to children and young people led Josiah Spiers to write ‘God is love’ on a Welsh beach 150 years ago.

His simple act drew a small group of children that day, but it also birthed an organisation that now, through your persistent prayers and ongoing financial support, spans more than 130 countries worldwide.

It is that same mission, 150 years later that helped save the life of Caboolture’s Trent Cooper, who is now paying it forward to the next generation…

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All in a day’s work

While funding rarely enables chaplaincy to be a full time job, spend some time with an SU QLD chaplain and you’ll quickly discover it certainly looks like one. Demand for their vital services is high, but time is often in short supply.

For regional chaplains like Les Penrose, who serves as an ‘on-call Chappy’ in remote Queensland schools in Charleville, Cunnamulla, and most recently Quilpie, time is indeed a precious commodity.

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A year of plenty for sport lovers

Building on last year’s successful foray into launching an SU QLD Sports’ Ministry, 2017 is set to be even better!

With 4 Community Cup events, the ‘Pray, Play, Say’ training in full swing, the Sports Ministry Network growing at an incredible rate, and upcoming Sport Day Camps for primary school aged children, 2017 will be bursting at the seams with sensational pursuits for sporting enthusiasts.
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Steadfast givers are now receivers too

Long-time SU QLD supporter, Phil Henley, principal of Steadfast Realty Qld is now making it more cost-effective to sell your home, while also building into the lives of children and young people.

You may recall, Phil’s generous offer to donate 50% of the commission paid to Steadfast (after advertising costs) from the sale of your home to SU QLD and school chaplaincy. As attractive as that was, unless selling an investment property, the deal didn’t include a tax deduction. Now it does. Continue reading