Your support connects Campbell on Surf Camp

Your support continues to ignite a lifelong passion for God’s word among thousands of young people across Queensland.

From the beach missions of the 1860s on the cold, overcast shores of Wales to today’s Surf Camps along Queensland’s tropical coastline, the mission of bringing the Good News to children and young people continues – thanks to you.

For 20-year old Brisbane local, Campbell Walker, an invitation to an SU QLD Surf Camp in 2012 transformed him from a self-professed ‘Sunday Christian’, who kept his faith a secret, to a young man who is no longer ashamed and helping others to feel the same.

“Growing up I didn’t mind going to church, but it was more something I did to tick off my list of things to do and to make mum and dad happy,” Campbell says. Continue reading

You helped Ruby shine!

It’s a heart-breaking scene watching your child cling desperately to you on their first day of school.

For many children, this soon passes as you transition from being their safe harbour to their transportation provider.

But for some children, like Ruby from Brisbane’s western suburbs, the struggle lasts longer.

In fact, it was something that she struggled with through to Year 5. Continue reading

You brought change to Woorabinda

Self-esteem, optimism and hope were once foreign words in the remote Indigenous school community of Woorabinda. That was two years ago…

Today, the community is a centre for encouragement, support and love, where hope, optimism and self-esteem abound, thanks to its school chaplain.

Second-year chaplain, Rachel Walmsley, says the transformation in the school has given her immense satisfaction and demonstrates the power of love and compassion over anger and despair. Continue reading

The seeds you plant will change lives

The Bible tells the story of a ‘vertically-challenged’ chief tax collector named Zacchaeus, who climbed a sycamore tree to catch a glimpse of Jesus.

Upon seeing Zacchaeus, Jesus calls him by name and asks to visit his home. The encounter prompts the once-reviled man to renounce his worldly wealth and vow to help the poor.

The oft-forgotten, but critical figure in this story is the humble sycamore tree. If someone had not planted that tree in that place years before the events of this story, Zacchaeus may never have pledged to change his life from cheating to charity. Continue reading

You propelled Clinton to new heights

The small town of Blackwater in Queensland’s Central Highlands may be known for coal mining, but a local school chaplain is uncovering some real hidden gems too!

These gems include a shy, skinny outsider, who is now a basketball prodigy, plus scores of directionless young boys and girls, who are now young men and women with hope for a brighter future.

For the past four years, Chappy Anita’s basketball program at Blackwater State High has been giving local youth hope and confidence to achieve successes they never thought possible. Continue reading

Chappy throws in the oil rag to build community

Former diesel mechanic, Brad Hartland, had job offers rolling in after completing his degree in Business Management, but instead he felt the call to school chaplaincy at Seville Road State School.

Instead of closing deals, today Brad is breaking down cultural barriers, bringing communities together and making a positive impact in the lives of the children he serves.

Located next to the Holland Park Mosque, Seville Road State School is home to a school population that is approximately 50 per cent Muslim. As such, the prospect of a Christian chaplain at a largely Muslim school initially raised a few eyebrows.  Continue reading

From rehabilitating the body to healing the soul

For more than a decade Sian Routley served as an Occupational Therapist (OT), tending to the physical needs of children who’d suffered traumatic injuries.

Today she’s tending to the social, emotional and spiritual needs of Serviceton South State School’s students as their chaplain.

“I’ve always loved working with children and loved my time as an OT, but I always had this sense that I wanted to do something more to help the children I worked with,” she says.

While the role of a school chaplain is demanding, Sian has now found her true calling, she says. Continue reading

Your support gives hope to forgotten families

As Australians, April 25 – ANZAC Day – holds a special place in our hearts. It’s a day for us to pause and honour those brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives in the service of our nation.

For many of us, it’s a sacrifice we can honour from a distance. For Oonoonba State School chaplain, Ros Parker, whose school hosts families stationed at Townsville’s Lavarack Barracks, she sees the impact of this sacrifice through the eyes of the children she supports.

“Within weeks of me starting [here], we had a father who was deployed overseas, killed in action… I will never forget walking into a classroom and seeing this little girl sitting next to the child, who had lost his father. She was trying to comfort him, all while knowing her father was over in the same place. Continue reading

Your support made their journey to manhood possible

How long is the road from boyhood to manhood?

According to 13 Year 8 boys from Cooktown, it’s a highly challenging 222 kilometres.

While the boys may not officially be men yet, each of them has gained new life skills and a heightened sense of responsibility after completing local school chaplain Dave Kamholtz’ ‘Journey to Manhood’ mountain biking challenge.

“This has been an epic trip. Each day was a genuine challenge, but the boys’ persistence and commitment was deeply rewarded with memories and character development that will last a lifetime,” says Chappy Dave.

Local adventurer and businessman Ray Wright and a dedicated team of volunteer dads and grandfathers from the local community joined with Chappy Dave and the 13 boys to navigate the ‘treacherous’ Wakooka trail in Far North Queensland. Continue reading

How you helped answer a father’s prayer

At just three years of age a healthy, happy Jamil suffered a grand mal seizure and was rushed to hospital. Six months later, he was diagnosed with epilepsy.

After Jamil started school, he would be further diagnosed with a range of complex learning disorders.

The news hit Jamil’s parents Frank and Veronica hard, particularly as they watched their son struggle with basic reading and writing.

Despite the multiple diagnoses, Jamil has been blessed with a loving family and a charming personality, which has helped him settle in and make friends at school.

While glad that his son had school friends, Frank’s prayer was for his son to find Christian friends too, particularly after hearing Jamil use some eyebrow-raising language at home.
Continue reading