31 October 2018

We’re happy, Jan!  LCC Chair gets Community Achievement Award

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School chaplains do an amazing job, but no chappy is an island – behind every one is a Local Chaplaincy Committee helping them along.

A little birdie told us this week that Elanora State High School LCC chairperson, Jan Drury, will receive a 2018 Queensland Community Achievement Award for her outstanding support of chaplaincy after being nominated by one of her school’s principal.

Jan, who is the chairperson of Elanora State High School chaplaincy committee and member of the Elanora State School LCC, was surprised by the nomination and recognition.

“I was so taken aback, I really was,” Jan said.

Jan said it was an honour to work on LCCs to support the valuable work of school chaplains.

“We so appreciate the work of chaplaincy and we’re supportive of the work they do,” she said.

“There is immense value in chaplaincy.  We have seen it in action. We see the values of building good relationships with the children and giving them the support they need.”

Principal Cameron Hodges, who understands the impact chappies make in his school, nominated the 11-year LCC veteran because of her passion and dedication to the school chaplain and school community.

“Jan has been an extremely active member of the LCC and has always sought opportunities to support students via chaplaincy at both our school and the local primary school,” he said.

“Nothing is ever too much for Jan.  She provides an extremely high level of care, support and understanding for students, chaplains and our school staff.

“Jan has become part of our school family and is highly respected by all members of the school community.”

Elanora State High School aren’t the only people impressed with Jan’s dedication to chaplaincy.  

SU QLD Gold Coast Field Development Manager, Sam Sawden, who was the little birdie who told us about Jan’s award, said “I’d love a dozen Jans around the Gold Coast”.  And the 2018 Queensland Community Achievement Awards organisers  said “It was fantastic to receive your nomination and your achievements were held in very high regard by the judges. You are an inspiration to all people”.  

But ever the humble volunteer, Jan said the award wasn’t about her.

“There are lots of people doing amazing things in the community every day, getting involved, and that’s so important.  I wasn’t going to go to the awards dinner but then I realise that it’s not about me, it’s about chaplaincy, our community and identity.

“When my husband and I retired, we decided we weren’t going to sit around and go to the beach.  We were going to become involved in our local community, and so we did. I love chaplaincy work.”

Love ya work, Jan.  We salute you!

If you’d like to help Jan in supporting school chaplains, please donate here.

Pictured:  Chappies Todd Chamberlain (left) and Kayla Wolski (far right) have the full support of their LCC chairperson, Jan Drury, and principal Cameron Hodges.

Jennifer Kerr

Media and Communications Administrator

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