8 February 2015

What will you achieve in 2015?

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It’s a new year and our team has BIG plans – plans that will see even more children and young people experience fullness of life. There are new programs, new initiatives and new ministries, and they are made possible with God’s help and the support of people like you!

We can’t wait to keep you informed throughout the year about how you can be involved – we hope you get excited while reading a glimpse our vision for 2015…


“We’re looking forward to partnering with our school principals and Local Chaplaincy Committees to see strong healthy chaplaincy services for every school community. We are also launching a new program this year – the Mobile Outback Chaplaincy service – to serve outback communities.” — Jenni Dobbin, Head of Field


“This year we are celebrating 85 years of SUPA Clubs in Queensland! SUPA Clubs help primary school students engage with and explore the Bible in a fun and friendly environment. We hope to have 100 SUPA Clubs registered across Queensland in 2015. This year, we’re launching a new weekly high school Christian student group program, called Regenerate, and we’re aiming for 12 pilot programs in 2015.” — Vicki Smith, Children’s Ministry Development Officer


“I’m really excited about what’s happening in 2015. We’ll expand the number of day-camps, particularly in regional areas, and we’ll be helping our camps grow and adjust with Yr 7’s entering high school. We want to increase the number of events so more young people have the opportunity to hear the Gospel’s life-changing message. Last year, 4,250 children and young people attended, and we want that to grow in 2015.” — Andrew Beavers, Programs Development Officer


“This year, we’re researching the impact of chaplains in schools. We’ve always done a great job of telling the wonderful individual stories of the impact of chaplaincy, but now we will have the large-scale statistics to back it up. This year, we’ll continue to collect data from chaplains and supervisors, and create annual snapshots that inform the community and challenge critics. The data will also provide vital information to guide our planning and professional development.” — Steve Forward, Research & Innovation


“We are developing a new project, called the 365 Bible Challenge. It’s a resource to serve the local church in engaging with God’s Word and encouraging one another to develop their relationship with Him.” — Eric Swavley, Bible Engagement Worker


“2015 is shaping up to be our biggest year yet, so we’ll need to focus our attention on growing personnel and funding to manage the expansion. Already, we have a full contingent of Connect programs running across Brisbane and Far North Queensland – with 15 schools and 180 participants. Our Limitless program in Central Queensland will start its first 100% Indigenous youth program, meaning Limitless now supports 96 students.” — Colin Usher, At Risk Ministry Development Officer


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