27 January 2016

What will you achieve in 2016…

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Our BIG vision is only achievable with your continued support…

It’s a new year and our team has plans to build up – plans that will see even more children and young people experience fullness of life. There are new programs, new initiatives and new ministries, and they are only made possible with the support of people like you! We look forward to keeping you in the know throughout the year about how you are impacting children and young people across the state.

Training (RTO 30548)

“With the beginning of a new year comes the opportunity to walk with a new group of students making a start on a qualification pathway. It’s always an exciting time getting to know the unique path that has brought students to this point and then sharing part of this current training chapter in their lives is a wonderful thing. People with a heart to work with children and young people are truly a great bunch and our team counts it as a privilege every year!”

– Jodie Robinson, Head of Vocational Training


“Alongside the development of the ‘A2B – Life Changing Groups’ materials, we will be employing five part-time A2B Field Support Workers to assist in delivering the A2B groups training and to facilitate up to fifty ‘A2B Plus’ programs across the state. ‘A2B Plus’ is a 16 week school-based programs that includes two peak experiences designed to promote the social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of students, particularly those students considered to be at-risk of a range of negative life outcomes.”

– Colin Usher, At Risk Ministry Delivery Manager

Camping and Community Outreach

“2015 was a solid year of camping and community outreach events and this has raised our hopes for 2016.  Along with an anticipated increase in events it is intended that they will be characteristically ‘Scripture Union’. More than just a fun, safe place for participants, camps are a place where the Gospel’s message of hope is told and demonstrated to all. There is a lot of interest in regional events for 2016 including Kids Games and new day camps across Queensland.  The team are also preparing for our biggest year delivering training opportunities to equip leaders of camps and other ministries to be as effective possible.”

– Ken Mihill, Camps and Events Delivery Manager


“The Department of Education and Training (DET) have announced the National School Chaplaincy Programme (NSCP) grant funding for the next 3 years. The majority of our schools have received funding and are excited to have chaplains in their schools. We are ready to serve many school communities across Queensland, working with school admin staff and Local Chaplaincy Committees to support chaplains in schools.

We are excited to train chaplains in A2B and in the very effective Triple P – Positive Parenting Program. Teaching positive parenting strategies to help with children’s development. These initiatives will increase the opportunities our chaplains have and further enhance their skills to serve their school communities.”

– Jenni Dobbin, Director of Field Operations

Children’s And Youth Programs

“The ‘Children’s and Youth Programs Team’ are looking to engage 200 chaplains and 100 church-based children and youth workers in our ‘A2B – Life Changing Groups’ two day training program. The aim of this training is to equip participants to more effectively promote social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing in the lives of children and young people. Participants will receive a suite of resources to get them started.

We’ll be rolling out revamped SUPA Club and Regenerate materials. These are the primary school and high school versions of our school-based spiritual support groups. They are designed for students interested in looking at spirituality, religion and everyday life from a Christian perspective. They’re fun, interactive and age appropriate, providing children with a place to build supportive friendships and learn important skills to assist in their social development.”

– Steve Forward, Children’s and Youth Program Delivery Manager


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