15 December 2015

What your support provided in 2015…

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SU QLD was founded on a vision to enrich the lives of children and young people in our state. This vision continues through the vital support you provide through prayer, financial contributions and volunteering. Without you, there is no SU QLD.

So it’s our pleasure to share with you the highlights of what your support yielded in 2015…


  • Provided 425,019 students with access to a school chaplain in 2015
    (that’s an extra 2,731 students from 2014)
  • Supported 619 chaplains working across 848 Queensland schools,
    including 25 special schools


  • Ran our first dedicated Indigenous program in Central Queensland, connecting participants with their language, culture and traditional stories
  • Enhanced engagement with Indigenous youth through the deployment of 5 Indigenous school chaplains
  • Partnered with Banaam Applied Cultural Intelligence to start developing a program supporting Indigenous students in their school environment, while engaging them with their culture and heritage

Programs and Resources

  • Delivered 3 in-service and 9 holiday professional development workshops to chaplains across Queensland
  • Developed 30 elective sessions for chaplains at the SU QLD Annual Conference on topics ranging from managing mental health, improving communication and working with families through tragedy

Training (RTO 30548)

  • Delivered training for 55 students enrolled in our Certificate IV in Youth Work (CHC40413)
  • Upskilled 31 students who enrolled in our Diploma of Youth Work (CHC50413)
  • Provided future chaplains from across Australia with training to meet the minimum chaplaincy employment requirements under the NSCP guidelines


  • Supported 288 at-risk young people across Queensland, helping them realise their full potential in life
  • Delivered 24 adventure-based programs to equip at-risk youth with valuable life skills
  • Provided 60 chaplains with the A2B resource to support an additional 720 students

Camping & Community Outreach

  • There were 102 events in 2015, including:
    • 70 residential camps
    • 22 day camps
    • 10 community outreaches
  • 1500 amazing volunteers and school chaplains brought these events to life
  • 4000 young peoples’ lives were positively impacted by attending these events




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