25 June 2021

Why I Run – with Jen Kerr

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“I run for young people in schools who might not have anyone else in their corner. In my opinion, SU is one of the best causes there is!”


Meet Jen. Mother, introvert, full-time worker and running enthusiast. 

Jen heard about Bridge to Brisbane when she started running a decade ago after the birth of her first daughter. She’d been told that one of the best ways to motivate herself as a new runner was to have a goal and sign up for an event. After experiencing the unique hype surrounding Bridge to Brisbane, she quickly became a fan.

“I’ve loved each Bridge to Brisbane I’ve been part of. The crowd, the music along the way, the support of other runners and walkers, the costumes – it’s just so much fun!” says Jen.

“And when you’re running for a cause you feel passionate about, it makes it even better.” 

Jen has a soft spot for the work of SU and being a mum of two young daughters, she knows how important it is for our young generation to have access to the social, emotional and spiritual support a chaplain provides.

“I run for young people in schools who might not have anyone else in their corner. In my opinion, SU is one of the best causes there is!” says Jen.

But even superstar runners like Jen are familiar with the struggle of asking others to financially support their passions. We asked if she had any advice to share.

“It can be intimidating to ask people for money, but I remind myself that if I don’t ask, the answer is 100% no! And if others see you pushing yourself because of how strongly you believe in your cause, it might even inspire them to try something new.

“For Bridge to Brisbane, I’d recommend sending a letter, email, or heartfelt text message where you share why you’re running and what their support would mean to you.”

This year is the 25th anniversary of Bridge to Brisbane, and Jen is keen to be heading back to the original Gateway Bridge starting line. She’s already been putting in hours training, as she also prepares for her first full marathon in August.

“There’s nothing better than lining up on race day – feeling strong, ready and prepared. I struggle with anxiety so getting out of the house, moving my body, breathing deeply and marvelling at the creation around me is powerful. I amaze myself at how far I’ve come from when I started and thought 30 seconds running was a challenge!”

Well done Jen, and thank you for your commitment to raising funds for our young people! We are cheering you on as you start training for the 10km event. See you bright and early on Sunday 7 November 2021.

Scripture Union Queensland is aware of the possibility that Bridge to Brisbane may be impacted by public health decisions related to Covid-19. Your health, as well as the health of the individuals that make up #TeamChappy, is important to us – we will closely monitor the circumstances around Bridge to Brisbane and keep you up to date through our blog (suqld.org.au/news) and our Facebook Page (www.facebook com.au/suqld).

Sarah Moore

Media and Communications Administrator

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