25 June 2021

Why I Run – with Marg Peril

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“Let chaplaincy be your motivation and it will inspire you to keep going.”


Meet Marg. Grandma, adventure-enthusiast and knee-surgery survivor. 

Marg joined #TeamChappy in 2018 – which also happened to be the year Bridge to Brisbane experienced torrential rain. Despite this setback, the morning of Race Day, Marg donned her yellow tutu, laced up her walking shoes, and was determined to reach the end with confidence.

“It was hard to even show up in the morning because I knew I was going to get soaking wet. But #TeamChappy was there to cheer me on. I was the last one in and they motivated me all the way to the finish line!” says Marg.

“I like that everyone is having fun and doing the race for different reasons. For me, it was personal. Not only was I raising money for SU and being an advocate for children that need someone to walk alongside them in their time of need, I was proving to myself that physically I could do it.”

Marg had two total knee-replacement surgeries over 2017 and 2018, but not even this major surgery could dampen her spirit and enthusiasm to raise awareness for our young people.

Now Marg can’t stop herself from exploring on-foot! Here is her recently adventuring over the Gateway Bridge.

“I used the fundraising platform to get my story out there, and together my husband and I raised around $1,200 for local chaplains,” says Marg.

“I worked with Scripture Union for many years in lots of different roles, and I never got tired of seeing children receive support from their chaplain. Being part of something that builds community was my passion, and I love being able to raise money to support this work.”

“On the day, I think it’s important to go at your own pace and respect how you’re feeling. Remember that you’re doing your own race amongst all these other people who are doing it for their own reasons – let chaplaincy be your motivation, and it will inspire you to keep going.”

Well done Marg, and thank you for your commitment to raising funds and awareness for our young people! You’re a champion!

Sarah Moore

Media and Communications Administrator

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