7 October 2017

You helped these boys fight the good fight

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For boys to develop into safe, honest men, it’s crucial they build healthy levels of self-esteem and discipline through their developmental years.

Thanks to your support, Chappy Dave Larkin was there to facilitate the Awesome Wilson Boxing (AWB) program to help disadvantaged boys pick themselves up, dust themselves off and develop key character traits.

“All of the boys were stoked that they were chosen for the program – most of them either came from difficult backgrounds or were struggling academically,” Dave recalls.

“A lot of boys don’t fit into the classroom – their personalities lean towards the kinetic stuff, the hands on stuff… the physicality gets them in the right mindset to learn.”

Dave started the AWB program with at-risk charity group Sunny Kids after receiving a grant for youth programs from the Buderim War Memorial Community Association.

“The only physical contact was through individual training between students and qualified boxers – there was no hand-to-hand sparring between students,” Dave confirmed.

“The activities helped build focus, self-esteem and self-discipline, traits which are crucial for the development of boys these days.

“This included coordination exercises with pool noodles and medicine balls, as well as lots of left-to-right brain challenges.”

Your support is helping to develop healthy traits in the next generation…

“I see a strong need for self-discipline in boys as they develop into men – particularly those boys who are struggling academically or in other areas,” Dave expressed.

“If they can have success in just one area of their life, they’re much more motivated to get out of bed in the morning and thrive.

“If the only thing they’re experiencing is failure and constant negativity, it can really get them down.”

The trainers from the Awesome Wilson Boxing team were really appreciative of Chappy Dave and his facilitation of the program.

“It was great fun training and mentoring the students at Buderim State School – Chappy Dave gives great encouragement and support to the students,” said an AWB spokesperson.

Thanks for the part you play in supporting our children and young people during their developmental years. None of this is possible without you.

Visit suqld.org.au/donate and help Chappies like Dave engage with young people through innovative, effective programs like this.

Samuel Moore

Digital Media and Communications Coordinator

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