17 December 2014

Your generosity reaches students and inspires them to give

Posted in Chaplaincy / School life

Students at Mackenzie State School, in Brisbane’s south-east, had a life-changing idea.

They wanted to collect as many items as they could – food, clothes and toys – and pass it on to others. All they needed was a little bit of encouragement to get it off the ground – and that’s when their chaplain, Joe Riley, stepped in.

“It didn’t matter who was going to get the goods – they just recognised that people sometimes need help when unexpected circumstances arise and wanted to see what they could do,” Chappy Joe says.

In Term 3, the students handed over four massive boxes of food, and bags filled with books and toys, to Kingston State School – just 30 minutes down the road.

Kingston had been collecting goods for four years and giving it away to community members and families who might be doing it a bit tough. So, Mackenzie’s donation added to Kingston’s pre-existing program.

As well as being the chaplain at Mackenzie, Joe is also the chaplain at Kingston, so was able to facilitate the hand-over and logistics.

“As a chaplain, I can look out for when kids want to be generous. If generosity is fostered and displayed when they are a child, it impacts them as an adult. They remember that generosity and they don’t forget it,” Chappy Joe says.


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