14 September 2016

Your lasting legacy

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by Wendy Ferguson, Relationship Manager – Bequests

Next year, Scripture Union International will celebrate 150 years of service to children and young people. From humble beginnings in England in the 1860’s, SU now operates in approximately 120 countries worldwide.

In 1880, the seeds of Scripture Union in Australia were sown. Generations of people have been part of this story. The thousands of children and young people whose lives have been transformed through camps and beach missions – or who have been positively impacted by the care of a chaplain – are testament to the legacy of that original vision all those years ago.

The leaving of a legacy is a very personal journey.

When Nelson Mandela passed away and people reflected on his legacy, Barack Obama commented, “Never doubt the difference that one person can make”.

A legacy lives on. It is part of a divine timeline that extends beyond a single lifetime, honouring and building upon the foundations laid by those who have gone before us.

Many faithful supporters have partnered with this organisation over decades, and some have described it as being part of one big family. It’s a movement of volunteers, staff, and supporters to which you belong.

Over the years, there have been countless stories of how God has changed the individual lives of children and young people, because someone was there at the right time and took an interest in what was happening to them.

Recently a long-term supporter shared with me her thoughts on why she and her husband had decided to leave a gift to SU QLD in their Will.

“SU QLD crept into our hearts through the prompting of God. On a number of occasions we responded to invitations to hear chaplains speak, and realised they have a real commitment and passion for their work in schools.

“We were left with the overwhelming feeling of needing to do more and so we made a gift to SU QLD in our Will.

“SU QLD is the organisation we want to support. They are committed to helping young people to know Jesus. Everything we have witnessed in this organisation has confirmed our decision.

“The thought of this work not being carried on horrifies me. We want to do what we can to ensure the future security of this vital work.”

If you feel prompted to partner with SU QLD and are considering leaving a gift in your Will, contact Wendy Ferguson on 0427 606 891, or email bequests@suqld.org.au.

Simeon Lawson

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