21 June 2017

Your support connects Campbell on Surf Camp

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Your support continues to ignite a lifelong passion for God’s word among thousands of young people across Queensland.

From the beach missions of the 1860s on the cold, overcast shores of Wales to today’s Surf Camps along Queensland’s tropical coastline, the mission of bringing the Good News to children and young people continues – thanks to you.

For 20-year old Brisbane local, Campbell Walker, an invitation to an SU QLD Surf Camp in 2012 transformed him from a self-professed ‘Sunday Christian’, who kept his faith a secret, to a young man who is no longer ashamed and helping others to feel the same.

“Growing up I didn’t mind going to church, but it was more something I did to tick off my list of things to do and to make mum and dad happy,” Campbell says.

Friends were never hard to come by for the highly active, outdoors-loving Campbell, who played AFL, cricket, and anything else that kept him out in the sun.

This confidence and passion for sport never translated into acknowledging his faith.

“Until grade 12, I was always a bit embarrassed and a bit ashamed to let people know that I’m a Christian. I wasn’t worried about being teased, but I thought I might get excluded,” he recalls.

The change in Campbell didn’t occur after his first Surf Camp, but it was that first camp that planted the seed that has since blossomed into a fruitful tree.

“My first SU Surf Camp was at Currimundi and I just loved it. The activities were awesome. We went to the Aqua Fun Park and did the Cable Ski and then went to the beach every day.

“At night we’d hear about the ‘good news’. And I was like, “okay these guys are all Christians and they’re really cool. They know how to have fun and they’re really not ashamed of who they are. I’d never seen that before”,” Campbell recalls.

Campbell’s faith grew as did his passion for God, which left no room for feeling ashamed.

“After Surf Camp, I really loved being able to go to church and worship God. It definitely changed me and I feel like I’m a stronger Christian today because of it.”

Now a Surf Camp leader, Campbell enjoys building in to the lives of young people like him.

“I’m super stoked to be a leader. I’m enjoying it even more than being a camper. We get to lead by example. As a Christian leader on camp, I love knowing that we’ve got Jesus by our side, which is really cool and then we can help give the campers an awesome week,” he says.

Campbell’s journey from ‘Sunday Christian’ to passionate Christian leader would not have been possible if not for the support that SU QLD Camps receive from faithful supporters, like you.

Help keep this vital work going and visit suqld.org.au/donate.

Casey Seaton

Media & Communications Delivery Manager

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