8 April 2020

Your support is keeping Lily’s anxiety at bay

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When Lily started her first year of high school, she was anxious for her future.

“Last year I moved from a private school to a state school, which was a big change. I left all my friends behind at the Sunshine Coast, and it was hard to be happy when I came to school,” says Lily.

“I started seeing Chappy Brooke for a lot of things. It was hard to focus on school work because there was a lot of drama, and after I got suspended for fighting someone, I was very anxious about what the teachers were going to say.”

“I needed to talk to someone, and when I started seeing Chappy, the anxiety just went away. I still get anxious sometimes, but it’s not as bad, and I can deal with it quickly.”

Chappy Brooke knew Lily was struggling to settle in, and made sure to regularly check in on her.

“With Lily, it was about reassuring her that even if she’s making mistakes, she’s still valued and this doesn’t make us think any less of her. It was about making sure she knew she was accepted,” says Chappy Brooke.

“In our community, there are a lot of kids looking for connection. We have over 700 students in our high school, and it’s really important to have those consistent check-ins.

“The reason I first became a chaplain was because I have a heart to make sure people feel cared about and heard – and that’s what it’s all about with Lily.”

Despite her young age (now in Grade 8), Lily has already learned some incredible wisdom.

“Some people tell you to just ignore the problem, but the small things can sometimes lead to the bigger things if they’re not dealt with,” says Lily.

“If anyone’s going through something, they should talk to someone. A chaplain, a guidance counsellor -anyone who can help.”

“Everything I share with Chappy Brooke is confidential, unless it’s going to harm myself or harm another person. It means that it’s not spread around. I feel safe with Chappy.”

Lily has bloomed over the last year, largely thanks to the genuine support from Chappy Brooke. It’s because of your generosity that someone was there for Lily when she felt anxious at school. Thank you!

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Sarah Moore

Media and Communications Administrator

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