21 September 2021

You’re connecting the disconnected (through sports!)

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Earlier this year hundreds of young campers across the state gathered to enjoy another Scripture Union Easter holiday camping season.

This year we reached some new communities for the first time! And you’re a big reason why this was possible. Thank you!

For parents in the communities of Macleay and Russell Islands (and surrounding islands), their children are often excluded from opportunities to participate in events and activities that their mainland counterparts may take for granted.

It’s something Tracey Hodge, chaplain at MacLeay Island and Russell Island State Schools is all too aware of.

It’s why she was so excited to take a ferry-load of children across for this year’s sports camp.

“The kids on the islands always miss out on events and camps like this, and I know the frustrations felt by the parents. Because there are extra things to consider, like organising a ferry and buses, you do have to think a bit outside the square, or else it just won’t happen,” says Chappy Tracey.

“As a chaplain, you do this job because you care. You see that these young people have been given to you by God to love, and camp was a great witness to this. This year, we had about 11 kids from the islands come along to Easter camp and they had a great time.”

Two sisters, 9-year-old Paige and 8-year-old Summah, were sent along by their Grandma, and they had a blast.

“Camp was amazing. I loved dancing, and playing tennis and basketball. It was the best camp I’ve ever been on, and the first. People were nice and the leaders were amazing,” says Paige.

“We played silly games and I’d love to go again. We were given our very own Bibles too,” says Summah.

Thanks to the support of bighearted friends like you, children like Summah and Paige were able to enjoy their first ever SU Camp, where they had the time of their lives while learning more about Jesus and his love for all young people.

Your support means everyone is included, no matter where they come from.

To find out more about upcoming SU Camps in your region, head to suqld.org.au/camps

Sarah Moore

Media and Communications Administrator

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  1. Delighted to hear that Moreton Bay island kids were able to go to camp and have such a wonderful time. Marie-Louise Potter, author “Bananas Bullfrogs and Boarding School: My Coochie-Mudlo”

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