14 September 2016

You’re equipping students to help our rural youth 

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Training with Scripture Union Queensland can take you anywhere… even to the furthest corners of Queensland.

Current student, Esther Lawaniyasana, is taking her qualification a long way off the beaten track, working as a chaplain at Gulf Christian College in Normanton in Far North West Queensland.

Esther is relishing her time there, and putting into practice everything she’s learning in her Certificate IV in Youth Work (CHC40413).

Before moving to the largely indigenous community of Normanton, Esther worked in Wadeye, Northern Territory, about 500 kilometres south west of Darwin. Living in Wadeye certainly prepared her for the rigours of the position in Normanton. And she genuinely loves her role caring for the school’s children.

“The kids really crave and value the one-on-one time when I’m able to take the time to talk with them.”

“But I’ve found that they’ll do whatever it takes to get more one-on-one time, so I’ve had to show and teach some of the kids that they don’t need to act up to get my attention. I’m quite willing to give them time to sit and talk,” Esther says.

When she started as a chaplain, the school offered Esther the opportunity to study a Youth Work qualification at the same time, and she leapt at the chance.

“I really struggled at the start because everything was really full-on. I had just started the job and then I started the course, so I found the first term pretty hard. But I found a way to balance my life so I could enjoy both.”

Understandably, working and studying at the same time has been challenging, and has meant Esther needs to be conscious of her time management.

“If it all balances well, you can enjoy all the aspects of what you’re doing.”

“I’m finding it really helpful to be working while I do the qualification. Everything I learn applies to what I’m doing as a chaplain. It’s been pretty helpful putting structure around things that I already knew to do,” says Esther.

Apply now to start your qualification in Youth Work in 2017! Visit training.suqld.org.au for more information.

Scripture Union Queensland RTO 30548

Certificate IV in Youth Work CHC40413

Diploma of Youth Work CHC50413

Simeon Lawson

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