2 November 2021

You’re helping connect dads with their children

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Chappy Karl knows the pivotal role that good dads play in the wellbeing of young people.

It’s why he’s teamed up with The Fathering Project, a research-based not-for-profit committed to helping dads and dad-figures engage well with their children.

The Fathering Project works by facilitating a series of “dad-only” points of connection, combined with larger community events where fathers and kids are invited for a fun evening out.

At Chappy Karl’s ‘launch’ event at the end of Term 2, around 70 dads showed up for an evening of pizza, great conversation, and a paper-aeroplane competition.

“The point of these events is connecting dads to other dads, and creating space for kids to make memories and build relationships with their fathers,” says John, Community Relationships Coordinator at The Fathering Project.

“Direct research says a child places more value on their education if their dads are involved in their schooling. We want to share that message with dads and remind them that their influence is really powerful. If they show interest in something, their kids will show interest.”

John knows that building strong father-child relationships takes time, and he’s excited by the opportunities chaplains have to speak into this space.

“As a dad myself, I want to be present for my kids. I’ve seen the power of it and how being there for them builds deep relationships. And having been a chaplain for five years, I also understand how the essence of a chaplain is championing others.”

“Throughout these programs,we walk dads through how to have those conversations around bullying, mental health and self-care. It’s always great getting chaplains involved because they use their skills to prompt conversation and offer support.”

Chappy Karl loves the opportunities chaplaincy gives to build strong community connections, and is looking forward to getting more involved with The Fathering Project.

“The launch event was a big success. I didn’t expect so many dads to come out,” says Chappy Karl.

“One of the things I love about chaplaincy is when you work with young people, you’re investing in the future. You get to make a difference in lives every day through active listening, caring, showing patience and meeting people where they’re at.”

“I think this connection with The Fathering Project will be really beneficial for our young people.”

In our fast-paced digital society, simple moments like throwing paper aeroplanes and eating pizza have the power to shape the futures of our young people.

Thank you for investing in our young people’s future through your support. To keep this vital work going, visit suqld.org/donate

Sarah Moore

Media and Communications Administrator

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