8 December 2021

You’re helping Noah thrive in the tablelands

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Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’ – Matthew 19:14

Your support for school chaplaincy is making a difference in the lives of young people like Noah.

Whether it’s supporting a young person and their family in crisis, or it’s equipping students with resilience and friendship skills, or it’s just being present for a child in need of a listening ear, you are bringing hope. Thank you!

For Noah; a Grade 5 student at Malanda State School in the Atherton Tablelands, he is incredibly grateful to have Chappy Molly helping him thrive at school.

“Chappy Molly is very good at being a chappy! She’s kind, helpful and fun to hang out with. I think having a chappy is probably one of the best ideas at this school,” says Noah.

Earlier this year, Noah took part in a friendship and social skills support group led by Chappy Molly, and he loved the way Chappy Molly taught the group how to approach difficult conversations.

“I’ve talked through a lot of stuff with Chappy Molly; things like friendship, teamwork and how working with other people can help you in life.

“Chappy knows how to deal with friendship stuff and misunderstandings. She works with you to help fix it,” says Noah.

“It’s really nice having Chappy to talk to at school.”

School chaplains work and serve in the early intervention and prevention space; which means they are perfectly placed to be there before problems become too big to handle.

It means they’re actively seeking to help our young people and support their social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Most of all, each and every chaplain understands that our children matter to the One who matters most. It’s why chappies champion our young people, and are passionate about serving in our school communities.

Chatting with Chappy Molly, it’s easy to see her heart for young people.

“Noah’s a super-great kid who has benefitted from some extra social-emotional support this past year. I think just being there and being a familiar face is really important for our young people,” says Chappy Molly.

“Once the students are used to you being around, if unexpected things do come up in their life, they know where to turn. It’s great to see Noah’s big smile when I see him around school.”

Thank you for helping young people like Noah thrive. You truly are a blessing.

You can help ensure that our children remain supported be a trusted and trained Christian chaplain. Visit suqld.org.au/donate

Samuel Moore

Digital Media and Communications Coordinator

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