20 August 2018

You’re helping to raise kindness superheroes

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Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes — especially the “kindness superheroes” at Narangba Valley State School.

Thanks to your support (and some prompting from the boys at school), Chappy Rosalie Allen was able to build on the success of her Petite Sisterhood program to launch Little Bros and Big Bros earlier this year.

“They’re our kindness superheroes in the school, and each week they get a mission to carry out,” Chappy Rosalie said.

The programs teach the students about kindness and that everyone can make the world a better place through small acts of kindness.

Chappy Rosalie said she’d thought about launching a boys program while working on Petite Sisterhood, but it was the prompting of some of the Year 1 boys that got it started.

“Late last year the boys in one class wrote to me saying, ‘We might be little but we can make a difference too’. So they instigated it and one of the teachers came up with the name.”

Little Bros is for boys in Prep to Grade 3, and Big Bros is for boys in Year 5 and is run by Narangba Valley State School’s other chaplain, Angus Gowans.

Chappy Angus said Big Bros was a leadership program to help the boys develop their leadership potential for senior primary school and beyond.

“In Term Two  we challenged the young men to find out who they are and the potential they hold within themselves,” he said.

Chappy Rosalie said the Little Bros focus on kindness, but in a way young boys more readily engage with.

“They do similar things to the girls about being kind and spreading kindness, but the boys’ catch phrase is ‘Be kind and pass it on’, complete with their own secret handshake,” she said.

Chappy Rosalie said Little Bros and Big Bros had grown exponentially with the full support of the school and parents, who often donate items to go in the homeless lunchboxes the little superheroes pack.

“I’m hoping the long-term impact is that they will be able to look back and have learned that it’s not hard to do something nice for someone else,” she said.

You too can help spread kindness in our school communities. Visit suqld.org.au/donate.

Jennifer Kerr

Media and Communications Administrator


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