16 November 2015

Yvette Atkins – A Cornerstone of Scripture Union Queensland

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A cornerstone is the foundational piece of any building project. Without it, a building cannot stand.

One of our cornerstones is Yvette Atkins, who celebrates 25 years of faithful service to Scripture Union Queensland (SU QLD) this year.

In 1990, at 19 years of age, fresh-faced and with a fresh perm, Yvette stepped into her role as Secretary.

“I knew of Scripture Union ISCF groups from school and had just left my job as a Legal Secretary and saw an ad in the paper about the position,” Yvette recalls.

“I was employed as Secretary to the State Director – Jim Rawson. I had an electric typewriter, and was able to use the one computer for only very important documents. I soon filled in for other roles and became a woman of many talents!” she says.

Those were lean times, Yvette remembers.

“It [the office] was very basic with no air-conditioning and lots of challenges that we can laugh at now! We moved to the G James Glass building at Eagle Farm. We got internet and I was in charge of dialing-in and checking the emails – and it was so exciting to all sit around and watch the emails come in!” she says.

In 1999 Yvette was elevated to the role of Executive Assistant to the new CEO, Duncan Brown.

She still marvels at the organisational growth she has witnessed during her time with SU QLD.

“It has been incredible! When I started in 1990, there were only around five chaplains, and to see that number grow, and then to see the National School Chaplaincy Program birthed which has seen the number grow to over 600 chaplains.

“I am reminded daily that the great things that are happening now are only because of the faithfulness, hard work and prayers of staff and volunteers who have gone before us,” she says.

Yvette has also been a constant, unwavering presence in the organisation, overseeing a number of major milestones, including the birth of the National School Chaplaincy Program, where she met Prime Minister John Howard at the big announcement.

Yvette never dreamed of being in this role, but she has loved every season.

“I love being organised and organising (just ask my husband and kids!). I love this job as I organise the CEO and keep him on track to be where he needs to be. I’ve never been bored, this job keeps evolving.”

“I love being involved in the ‘heartbeat’ of SU and looking after people and helping to keep things humming along nicely so that staff out in the field can do what they do best, knowing that what needs to happen in the office is being taken care of.”

There are a lot of people, possibly just like you, who have been involved in the heartbeat of Scripture Union Queensland.

We would love to hear your story. Please contact us at 1300 478 753 or info@suqld.org.au


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