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Who we are

Scripture Union is a Christian organisation seeking to bring God’s love, hope and good news to children, young people and their families. We work with local schools, local churches of all denominations, and community groups, towards a common vision: To see each child and young person connected and supported in community, serving others, and experiencing fullness of life.


Our values

Children and young people matter

Every child and young person matters deeply to God and deserves a safe and meaningful life.

Working together

We support families and adult role models as they seek to positively influence children’s lives. We work with schools, local communities, and churches in serving children and young people and their families.


As stewards of opportunities and resources, we will remain creative, innovative, sustainable, responsive, and effective.


We treat all people with respect, holding an attitude of servanthood and unity of purpose.


Respecting choice, we encourage children and young people to explore their spirituality.

Our history


The story of Scripture Union Queensland (SU QLD) is one of many everyday people being inspired to reach out to young people who are in need – in need of someone to listen, someone to care, and someone to speak hope into their life. None of SU QLD’s founders, supporters, volunteers, or workers could have imagined where the journey would lead the organisation, but we are here now, providing school chaplaincy, camping, at-risk programs, outreach events, and training, continuing to provide hope to young people. In providing support to children, there is also a desire to help them develop a sense of social conscience, that they would take what they have learned and help others.

Scripture Union began in the late-1800s, thanks to the efforts of a young English man and woman, Josiah Spiers and Annie Marston.

The history of this organisation is testament to many faithful individuals like Josiah and Annie, who, over the past century, have lovingly built an unbroken path to where we are today. We are indebted to them for the foundations they laid and the legacy they created, which we have now inherited.

Change and growth have been the hallmarks of this journey. From a solely volunteer organisation to one with paid staff, bringing together, under one banner, The Crusader Union, Inter Schools Christian Fellowship (ISCF), Children’s Special Service Mission and Scripture Union – from lunchtime ISCF groups to full-time chaplains in schools, from community outreach events to risk youth programs, and training new leaders to work with a new generation of children and young people – it looks very different to what it once did.  And yet some things remain unchanged – the commitment to children and young people is still the driving force.

The pioneering spirit saw many trails blazed by individuals, often working alone, covering large areas.

As the major employing authority of chaplains in schools, we have an obligation to provide a professional service that meets all the required standards, and we continue to do so.

It is because of the generosity of our supporters that we can continue to bring hope to young people. SU QLD is part of a worldwide movement operating in more than 130 countries.

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