School chaplaincy

Who are school chaplains, or ‘chappies’?

SU QLD chaplains, or ‘chappies’, are trusted, trained individuals who work in school communities to provide social, emotional, and spiritual support to students, parents/carers and staff. More than 67% of Queensland state schools have a school chaplain, providing support to more than 400,000 students across the state.

What does a school chaplain do?

School chaplains work in the prevention and support space, helping students find a better way to deal with issues ranging from family breakdown and loneliness to friendships and mental health. They provide a listening ear for children and young people in crisis, and also those who just need a friend. They also run a heap of programs, activities, and events to foster inclusivity and a positive culture in school communities.

A parent’s perspective…

“For me, chaplaincy is so important. You just never know when life circumstances will mean you need their help. I take great comfort in knowing there is someone at school who genuinely cares about my children no matter what’s happening in our lives.”

Ruth McCabe, parent of Liam and Maddy, who attend Narangba State School.

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SU QLD Schoolies

SU Schoolies events provide school leavers with an amazing and memorable experience, which is a fun, safe, and thoroughly enjoyable way to celebrate finishing school. All events are 100% drug and alcohol free. Our events are run by SU QLD staff and volunteers who are trained in caring for participants and managing activities and events. All staff and volunteers hold Blue Cards and are trained in the ChildSafe safety management system.


What are SU QLD Camps?

Each year SU QLD runs more than 100 fun, engaging camps across Queensland for primary and high school students. These camps are jam-packed with awesome activities, great food, and an incredible sense of community. Whether your child is looking for an adrenaline rush that can only be satisfied by scaling a cliff face, or they’re more interested in expressing themselves through art and dance, SU QLD has a camp for you!

How can I find out more information about which SU QLD Camps are coming up?

Head to for a full list of upcoming camps, including dates, locations, and other important information.

How can I get involved with SU QLD Camps?

If you’re over the age of 18, you can make a difference in the lives of children and young people as an SU QLD Camp Leader! You will have the opportunity to lead group activities and inspire young people to reach their potential, while learning new skills yourself and having the time of your life. To find out more and register your interest, head to

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Get involved

If you want to get involved, SU QLD runs a range of community events throughout the year to raise support and awareness for chaplaincy and its other ministries.

Whether you want to run for a reason with our Bridge to Brisbane team, cycle for hope at a Spin Off event, or test your swing at one of our Golf Days, there’s something for everyone!

To find out more about SU QLD community events you can get involved in, head to

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