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School chaplaincy

SU QLD chaplains have been supporting Queensland school communities since 1990. Since this time, SU QLD has become the largest employer of school chaplains in Australia, with chaplains serving more than 800 school communities in Queensland.

School chaplains work in the areas of early intervention and prevention, and promote positive behaviours by providing social, emotional, spiritual and practical support for students.  School chaplains help students find a positive way to deal with issues, ranging from family breakdown, to bullying, friendship, and peer complications.


SU QLD’s camping program caters for 5000 young people, all around Queensland. Young people enjoy exciting and dynamic camp programs, modern facilities, and a range of activities all led by enthusiastic and passionate, trained leaders.

Young people can choose from many different camping formats for all ages, including five options for a drug and alcohol-free Schoolies experience for school graduates. Every camp sets aside a time for faith discussions.

Community engagement

SU QLD develops quality programs and resources to promote the social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of young people.

The A2B kit provides a framework for running life-changing groups in any context, while programs like SUPA Club and Regenerate equip chaplains and volunteers to help young people explore spirituality in a school setting. These programs run with appropriate school approval and parent/carer consent. SU QLD also develops and sources relevant, innovative, faith-development programs and Bible engagement resources to encourage young people on their spiritual journeys in church settings.

Courses and training

Scripture Union Queensland delivers nationally recognised Youth Work training.

We are passionate about equipping people with the skills and experience to bring positive change to the community and to support young people and their families.

SU QLD is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 30548).

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