SU QLD Camps

Every year, more than 1500 SU QLD volunteers run nearly 100 camps across the state. Our camps provide 5000 children and teenagers with a fun-filled, positive time away from home.

SU QLD’s camps are held primarily during holiday breaks for both primary and secondary school students.

SU QLD provides a quality holiday program, meeting the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of each participant. Oh, and they’re awesome fun, too!

An SU QLD camp is a chance to splashout while tubing behind a speedboat, learn computer programming, hang out at the beach, or express yourself through dance or art. You’ll make friends, feast on great food, and laugh a lot! And all of this is made possible by amazing, accredited volunteer leaders who have paid their own way to join you on camp!

Every camp sets aside a time for faith discussions, where participants have a chance to explore the Christian faith and ponder the bigger questions about life.

Interested? Find a camp and check out the details.

Get in quick and we promise you the time of your life!

SU QLD Schoolies

SU-Schoolies is the ultimate start to life after school. With 5 of the most epic locations to choose from you can pick a Schoolies that will be totally unforgettable. Whitsundays, Sunny Coast, Fraser Island, Melbourne, or Hawaii each location is packed full of thrill, adventure and plenty of time for total relaxation. Get your bestie’s together and pick your location, because it’s time to celebrate. All SU-Schoolies events are alcohol and drug free and supervised by team of volunteers who are there to make your Schoolies experience the best ever.

Camp leaders training

Camp Leaders Weekend is a key event for SU QLD volunteers to come together, network, and be trained in camp and community outreach ministry.

It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and be developed for impacting your community for Jesus. You’ll also have the chance to relax and have fun around Coolum.

Training offered includes New Leader and New Director. For our experienced leaders and directors, we have some development opportunities facilitated by high quality trainers.

All leaders are now required to complete training annually, so why not do it over an enjoyable weekend with a bunch of like-minded leaders.


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