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SU QLD's At-Risk Youth programs mentor and support young people who are "at risk" - who face exclusion from school, come from broken homes, or are locked into cycles of addiction.

At-Risk Youth Programs

SU QLD has school-based programs for At-Risk Youth, catering to particular needs and designed to help youth gain a practical understanding of diversity, acceptance, trust, responsibility, teamwork, forgiveness and encouragement.

These programs aim to break negative habits and behavioural cycles by helping ‘at risk’ young people critically evaluate their experiences in school and in the community, and help them set a positive course that supports their life goals.


A2B Start-up is an 8-week, action-based learning (ABL) program, which guides young people through the initial stages of group formation to a point where they can tackle larger challenges and tasks together.

The goal is to guide the group safely toward cohesion, and foster the personal growth of its members. From this point, the group identifies further targets to work towards as a unit.

More information on 'A2B' can be obtained from your school chaplain or by visiting our A2B page.

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You can get more information about our At-Risk Youth programs by contacting:

At-Risk Youth
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