8 February 2014

Junior’s Story

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Donnacien Kazadi Jr, or “Junior”, is the fourth of nine children, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa.

When he was just six years old, Junior’s parents sent him away for a better life, but tragically, Junior did not end up in London as planned, but instead spent six years struggling to survive alone in a refugee camp in Malawi.

Life in the camp was hard,” says Junior, “and you have to work hard to survive, eating once a day, sometimes eating nothing at all. I had to sleep on the floor because I didn’t have enough money to buy a bed.

In 2011, Junior was granted a permanent visa by the Australian Government… And it was then he first met his chaplain, Jeff.

He is there when I need help and comforts me when I am sad or thinking about ‘stuff’ in my life,” Junior says. “He also offers advice when I need it.

When I first arrived at school I was lonely. But my chaplain helped me make friends. Chappy has taught me that I have to be proud of who I am.

Junior has been separated from his family for 12 years, and has never met five of his siblings. He has grown up without the love and care of his parents, but despite this, he remains hopeful.

What is my future? I do not know. My goal is to get a job, or become a lawyer and go back home to bring justice to my country.

But I am sure that as I leave school, no matter what happens in my future, it is going to be OK because my school has a Chappy who supported me when I needed him.

Casey Seaton

Media & Communications Delivery Manager

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