4 June 2018

A moment of growth you made possible

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Many young people don’t have a ‘safe place’ where they can let their guard down and feel accepted without judgment.

Remedying this issue is at the heart of SU QLD’s camping ministry, which provides a range of fun, safe camps where young people can experience joy and love within a community.

It’s this love that Claire* saw transform her grandson after six days on SU QLD’s Summer UberTweak camp last year.

Elliot* has endured a tumultuous home life, social estrangement, and crippling anxiety – all ingredients which would have made the camp a challenge.

After a nervous wait, Claire was blown away when she came to collect Elliot at the end of camp. There he was, strolling along in natural conversation with a fellow camper.

Claire’s heart melted as she witnessed a moment of growth.

UberTweak brings technology-loving campers together for a fun week full of activities aimed at getting them out of their comfort zone.

In just over 20 years, the popular technology-based camp has grown to include a huge range of electives in programming, film production, model robotics and aeronautics.

Thanks to your support, the welcoming community at Summer UberTweak brought a new confidence into Elliot’s life – an outcome his grandmother cannot thank you enough for.

“Elliot came home changed. On the drive home, all I could think about was how at ease he looked,” Claire says.

“The camp showed him young adults interacting with one another, and taught him about embracing what makes you different. It gave him confirmation about who he is. My grandson found something that’s been missing in his life – he found a community.”

Elliot’s experience at UberTweak is a testament to your generous support – without which none of this would be possible.

Megan Wallace has been a camp director for UberTweak for the past 13 years, and affirms the bond between campers and leaders is something quite rare.

“Whether you’ve been to camp once, or you’ve come a million times, you’re part of the UberTweak family,” Megan remarks.

“So many children tell me that they don’t fit in at school but they do at UberTweak. These kids just hang out for the next camp because that’s where they feel they belong.

“These camps do change lives. Kids that don’t feel safe elsewhere are feeling safe here because they know it’s genuine.”

Camps like UberTweak embrace Jesus’ message of love for all children and young people. If you’d like to learn more about how you can get on board with SU QLD camps, visit suqld.org.au/camps.

*To protect the identities of ‘Claire’ and ‘Elliot’ we have changed their names and not used their images for this story.

Samuel Moore

Digital Media and Communications Coordinator


  1. Praise God for SU!! Thankyou for the positive impact into precious young people. Thankyou for demonstrating God’s love.

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