22 February 2022

SU-Schoolie rekindles her awe of God

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Graduating high school is a threshold moment – the start of a brand new adventure. But for many, the great unknown of life after school can be intimidating.

Through your support, young people like Hyemin have the opportunity to celebrate this milestone in a safe and fun way through programs like SU-Schoolies, which offers graduates more than just a great time – but also hope for the future.

Hyemin and a group of friends went to SU’s Backflip Schoolies event in the Whitsundays. During the week that “exceeded expectations”, Hyemin made new friends and rekindled a sense of awe towards God.

“Schoolies was so fun. I loved getting to go on the boat, and we made all these new friends. Everyone was happy and nice and it was great being around people with similar values,” says Hyemin.

“It was just a bunch of young people having fun together. And best of all, we’ll remember it forever.”

In addition to all the fun in the sun, Hyemin was blessed by the conversations she had with SU-Schoolies leaders about the big questions in life – and the future.

“The leaders were all young and friendly and so fun – they became our friends. I remember one of the leaders sharing about how great God is and how much He has done. I remember being grateful for the reminder that He is in control,” recalls Hyemin.

“Through COVID and everything happening this year, I wasn’t thinking about God a lot. But at the Whitsundays, I got that feeling back. I felt overwhelmed and happy – He reminded me that He has a plan and He’s still there.”

Soon after that conversation, Hyemin was leaning on the boat’s railing, enjoying the sea breeze and the beauty of the landscape, when she spied a navigation device used to guide the way for ships.

Funnily enough, it was in the shape of a cross.

“I saw the cross, and had a realisation that God always has a plan, even if we can’t see it,” says Hyemin.

Only through your support can programs like SU-Schoolies continue to run year after year. Thank you for giving young people like Hyemin opportunities to connect with a community that cares for them, celebrates them, and invests into their lives for a brighter future.

If you know a young person who is graduating soon, registrations for SU-Schoolies 2022 are now open. Head to su-schoolies.com to find out more! (They might just meet Hyemin, who’s hoping to come back as a leader!)

Samuel Moore

Digital Media and Communications Coordinator

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