15 June 2015

Are you ready to play ?

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What’s happening in more than 170 countries around the world, connecting with millions of children and their families, and is having a real impact here in Queensland? KidsGames!

The Bible-based, sports and games event helps churches connect with their local communities. More than 50 churches in the greater Brisbane area have run KidsGames since it began in 2002, and it’s now expanding into more than 15 regional centres. SU QLD helps run the events across the state.

Our Children’s Ministry Specialist, Terry Williams, says it’s a great place for children to learn about God’s love in a fun way. “And it celebrates every child’s achievement – everyone receives their own KidsGames Gold Medal at the closing ‘ceremony’.”

Participating churches receive all training, curriculum and resources. “The sports, games and craft ideas can be shaped locally, and churches decide the duration, the length of the days, and the age groups involved,” Terry says.

Don’t miss this opportunity to impact children in your community!

Make your church or school a venue in 2015 by visiting kidsgamesqld.org.au or email info@sucamps.com.au.

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