23 April 2014

Camp sponsorship like a ‘shining light’

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For the families and children that need financial support, a camp sponsorship shows that someone cares about their situation and wants to bless them.

Our generous friends, Don and Narelle Todman, provided finances to send four boys from struggling families to SU-Schoolies Sunny Coast last November.

One of those boys, Jonathan, shares his story:

In my last year of high school, my parents separated. My dad, who’d been unemployed for nearly six months, went to work at a mine near Perth. Mum lost her job, and had to sell the family home.

During the year, a friend of mine at boarding school kept telling me about this ‘awesome schoolies on the Sunshine Coast’, and two weeks from graduation, Mum said I could register. SU QLD picked up on my circumstances, and offered me a sponsorship!

Mum has sacrificed a humbling amount for my siblings and me, and not only did it lift the burden financially, the act of support itself was like a shining light. I want to thank my sponsor for offering such a warm hand of charity. It was uplifting to my family, and it meant a lot.

Don and Narelle support SU QLD’s camps because of the “wonderful effect” they had on their two sons, David and Michael, who are now camp leaders and directors. “I strongly endorse the camping movement through personal experience. Our sons formed a wonderful network of friendships through camps, and we are really thankful for that,” says Don.

Thanks to your support, camp sponsorship is making a difference in young people’s lives. If you would like to sponsor a camper, please call Andrew Beavers on 07 3112 6458 or email andrewb@suqld.org.au


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