14 July 2015

Can you bring this Indigenous program to life?

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There’s an exciting new opportunity for Indigenous youth, and you have an opportunity to make it possible!

With your help, we’ve been planning ways to better serve Indigenous young people… and that’s how the idea for an at-risk program, specifically for Indigenous youth, was birthed.

Limitless, a six-month adventure program for young people disengaged from their peers and school community, has been running for many years. The program helps students who respond better to hands-on learning, who want to grow their leadership skills, or who might be at-risk of not reaching their full potential. The existing program will be adapted to support Indigenous youth.

“There is a great deal of leadership potential within young Indigenous Australians, so we want to start something that will help unlock their potential,” says Col Usher, our At Risk Ministry Development Officer.

“We’ll do this by connecting participants with their rich Indigenous heritage and culture, and helping them understand that it’s important they embrace who they are as Indigenous leaders in their communities.”

Col is working with the local Darumbel Elders, community service groups, and Indigenous training groups, to ensure the program is effective.

“As well as building content for the program, we also need to create financial partnerships. We need financial support if we’re going to see this program come to life,” Col says.

A pilot program will run in 2015, but we would love to see it rolled out in numerous locations across the state. Can you help? Contact Col Usher at colu@suqld.org.au or on 1300 478 753 to bring this program to life.




  1. I’m interested in information about what the program you are piloting in 2015 is all about.

    I am an Indigenous Pastor and I sit on the Australian Christian Churches National Indigenous Initiative as well as attend Calvary Christian Church.

    I work a bit in Brisbane but I’m based in Townsville and would like to know more information so see if I can assist with the development of these programs.

    1. Hi Scott,

      Thank you so much for reading our blog and for your interest in our Indigenous program. If you email me your contact details I can get the correct person to contact you and discuss further. My email is lauraw@suqld.org.au
      I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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