27 March 2014

Chappy Profile: Tess Van Bennekom

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Name: Tess Van Bennekom
School: Woodcrest State College
Years of service: 3 years

“One student came in to see me because she was going through a lot of hardships that were really impacting her. She was trying to finish Year 12, was really bright and had high goals, but she was dealing with all this other ‘stuff’.

“I was able to walk with her and celebrate the small victories. Over 12 months, the transformation in her life was miraculous. She was a very dark, closed-down, and anxious person when I met her. She had a goal to go to uni, but it didn’t look as if it was possible at that time. We met regularly throughout the year and she learned to manage her issues and even started giving back to the community, helping other young people by serving in youth groups and children’s programs.

“I watched this girl who couldn’t do anything for anyone, let alone herself, come to a place where not only was she healed and whole, but she was able to give back to others. She even achieved her goal and made it to university and got into the course she wanted.

“It’s these sorts of stories that make me love my job as a Chaplain.”


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  1. Thank you for the Chaplains in our community. As a community worker in the past I found that it is our LORD Christ Jesus who can help us be changed as it is from heart instead of superficial comments that conform to the system. Yes to the LORD Jesus Christ and His new life and agreeing with the word of the LORD for his promises in our life are gloriously wonderful and fulfilling. God bless you all in the name of our LORD Jesus Christ. Regards from Kristen.

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