4 March 2016

CrossFit Fundraiser

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7.00am on a Saturday morning, with the heat starting to rise, CrossFit Moggill’s Head Coach Dean Martin explained stage 1 of 3, to the 168 overly energetic CrossFit competitors.

“50 pistol squats, 100 double unders and then a 200m sprint for each team member – any questions?”

It was at this stage that, as the chaplain hosting the event, I was so happy to be an ‘organiser’ and not a competitor. I could probably sprint that far, well, maybe half of that, perhaps quarter of it on a good day, but the other stuff – not a chance. It was with keen interest that I watched my SU QLD Field Development Manager (FDM) – Troy Wilson and fellow chaplain Nikki from Moggill State School be put through their paces.

We call it the ‘Westside Throwdown’ – a CrossFit competition. It’s only been held once, and with a bit of work we aim to make it an annual event. The Kenmore State Highschool and Moggill State School chaplains worked with their local CrossFit (box) to put together a fundraising event which would draw in the local community. We had 42 teams competing, loud music, bbq’s and volunteers from the churches and the schools. The actual event was a little daunting to contemplate, but in execution was quite easy – at least for us organisers. We ended up raising $2,500 after expenses and had many positive comments afterwards.

Things I learnt? Never challenge my Field Development Manager to any sort of physical competition.

– Written by Chaplain Justin (Kenmore State Highschool)






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