13 July 2021

He’s been going to SU-Schoolies for 15 years – why does Jeff Burstow keep coming back?

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When Jeff Burstow attended his first SU-Schoolies as a school leaver in 2006, he had no idea the impact it would have on his faith journey 15 years later.

“I first heard about SU-Schoolies when my older brother went along,” Jeff recalls.

“He had such a great time. So based on his experience, paired with the fact I wasn’t into the party scene on the Gold Coast, I was keen to go.”

Jeff had the time of his life and it was this experience as a schoolie that inspired him to come back as a leader – so he could give that same experience to other young people. 15 years on, and he’s still loving it.

“It’s my favourite week of the year,” Jeff says.

“Some of my best Christian friends are friends I met on SU-Schoolies – friends that have helped me grow in my faith. I love getting to hang out with them and show the schoolies a good time.

“I love getting alongside young people as they take the massive step from school into adulthood. To show them there’s other ways to have real fun in life than just drinking and messing around.”

Jeff says the community at SU-Schoolies has changed his life and has got him through some tough times – and he wants to share that experience with other school leavers.

“It’s my hope that some of the schoolies look at us leaders and think ‘these guys are really enjoying life – I want to be a part of that’,” Jeff says.

“The more Christian friends a young person has around them – the easier it will be for them to continue to live in and walk out their faith.

“Each year I go back to SU-Schoolies I’m encouraged and lifted up again as a Christian. It’s an event that reminds me of the love that Christian brothers and sisters have for each other.”

SU-Schoolies Director Hannah Machin says longtime leaders like Jeff are essential to the success of any faith-based camp.

“Jeff’s passion to see young people introduced to Jesus inspires me – I dread the day when he’s not able to come on SU-Schoolies,” Hannah says.

“If you’re considering coming on SU-Schoolies as a leader – do it! You’ll see God move in incredible ways and make lifelong friends along the way,” Hannah adds.

SU-Schoolies registrations are open now, but spaces are limited!

If you know someone graduating this year or next, bookings are open for 2021 and 2022.

Register at su-schoolies.com

Samuel Moore

Digital Media and Communications Coordinator

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