20 March 2015

Mother grateful for camps

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By Karen

The last couple of years have been pretty intense for our family, so we wanted to give our daughter Grace, a special treat.

I have my own fond memories of the SU camps I attended when I was younger, so I looked up what camps might be suitable for Grace on the SU QLD website and found Camp Capers. It looked like a lot of fun, and we knew there would be a loving atmosphere and great spiritual input. Plus, when we showed the camp description to Grace, she begged to go!

It had a great program with appropriate teachings for the age group – it exactly suited how Grace learns. The leader to camper ratio was great; Grace formed a strong bond with one particular leader. As a parent I felt comfortable knowing that there was constant supervision, and as a Christian parent, I could appreciate the opportunity for the kids to learn more about God through interacting with many different Christians.

Everybody was included and accepted – there was no bullying or isolation. Living in a loving, accepting environment for a week with a group of peers is a beautiful, emotional and spiritual experience that can lead people to the source of that love – God.

When we picked her up from camp, Grace was so excited she couldn’t stop talking about it for hours. She said:

“Camp Capers had a great amount of activities – a water fun park, group challenges, slime wars, a dance party and a trampoline park. It had a supportive environment and good teachings I enjoyed. One message I took away was to understand that fear has no control over me and that I can have a close relationship with Christ.”

IMG_1645 copy

We couldn’t be happier, to have our daughter experience such acceptance, fun and love.

To find out more about the camps available visit www.suqld.org.au/camps or to speak with someone contact Andrew Beavers on 07 3112 6458.



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