20 October 2015

REGENERATE – New Program for Secondary Students

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From the days of Inter School Christian Fellowships (ISCF’s) to Scripture Union in Schools groups (SUIS), SU QLD has a rich history of teachers, churches and volunteers working together to see young Christian students supported and maturing in their faith.

To continue that long legacy, SU QLD will be launching Regenerate this year. A weekly program that churches, teachers and chaplains can run in schools for Christian students wanting to go deeper in their faith.

Youth Ministry Development Officer, Brad Case has worked with SU QLD’s Children’s and Youth Programs Team to create Regenerate and explains the name.

“The word Regenerate means to ‘bring new and more vigorous life’. This word captures our hope for what Regenerate will do for Christian students in schools.”

“When students meet, we hope that every discussion and activity helps them understand more of themselves and God and how they can make a difference in the world,” says Brad.

Regenerate has a strong emphasis on student leadership, inspiring and empowering students to begin to take the lead in these groups.

“The whole ethos behind Regenerate is about helping Christian young people to explore faith together. During the weekly meetings, students will have the chance to ‘Connect Up’ with God, ‘Connect In’ with each other and be challenged to ‘Connect Out’ to their local community. This was the heart behind ISCF groups, and it’s the motivation for moving forward with Regenerate.”

“Even though youth today have very different interests and motivations, we know they have a thirst for discovery. Regenerate is a fresh way for Christian students to explore their faith,” Brad says.

If you, your church or local community would like to be involved please contact Youth Ministry Development Officer Brad Case on 07 3112 6409 or via email bradc@suqld.org.au.



  1. Sounds like a great program. My prayers for the Regenerate Program and all who lead and are involved in it. Looking forward to hearing about its successful implementation.

    1. Hi Grant,
      Thanks so much for reading our blog.
      We’ll be sure to keep the updates and stories about Regenerate coming in the future.

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