20 December 2016

You helped Randall beat his addiction

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What began as a side note in a conversation between Randall and his school chaplain has become a tangible positive in the young man’s life.

Randall first met school chaplain, Nick Warren, in 2015 – Nick’s first term as the Kedron State High School chaplain, on Brisbane’s north side.

“Randall and I pretty much clicked straight away,” Chappy Nick recalls. The two would hang out in the school yard and chat regularly.

Then midway through the year, the conversations took a more serious turn. Randall opened up about family issues and anger, which he’d been trying to keep inside.

“From that point, we started working through those [issues] and seeing how he could handle those situations,” explains Chappy Nick.

Nick noticed something else. Randall was consuming up to four energy drinks per day.

“Some days I wouldn’t have any but then other days I would completely blow out. On those days, I could drink probably about four cans each day,” says Randall.

Because of the strong bond shared between the two, Nick was able to challenge Randall to cut back on his sweet addiction. Nick reminded Randall of the healthy choices he could be making.

“I just pointed out to him that energy drinks weren’t the best for him. I said that if I shouted him one on the last day of Year 12, he needed to promise me that he wouldn’t have any from then on.

“And so the last day came, and I bought him one, and he’s been off them ever since,” Chappy Nick says.

Randall has overcome his now reliance on energy drinks, thanks to his chaplain.

“Nick was an awesome guy and motivated me a lot. You need to talk to someone who you trust. If you’ve got that person, you should definitely talk to them,” Randall explains.

It was a challenge for Randall but he’s glad he kicked the habit.

“I could definitely see the change after having drunk so many for so long.”

Your support helps young people like Randall make healthy life choices! Thank you!

Casey Seaton

Media & Communications Delivery Manager

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