17 September 2018

Dawn is changing lives with spare change

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Ten years ago, Dawn Barrie saw a need and decided to fill it… with 50 cent coins.

In her youth, Dawn had been profoundly impacted on Christian camps like those run by SU QLD. When she heard some young people couldn’t afford to go, she took action.

Dawn set up a box at the back of her local church, Caboolture Uniting, and asked church-goers to drop in any spare 50 cent coins they had.

While the majority of contributions are silver coins, Dawn says that over the years cheques and larger donations have found their way into the box as well.

“On average, each year I think we would help somewhere between six to eight kids get to a Scripture Union camp,” Dawn recalls.

“I love seeing how seemingly worthless coins can make such a worthwhile impact.”

Since 2007, Dawn’s efforts have raised between $8000 and $9000, which has helped send more than 100 young people on SU QLD camps.

So far this year, Dawn and her church have already raised more than $800.

Dawn connects with SU QLD and members of the local community to identify young people who would benefit the most from the opportunity to go on camp.

“We try to help kids with particular needs, often with difficulties at home or school,” says Dawn.

“Their family might be struggling financially, or the child may just need the time away from home in a loving environment where they can experience God in a new way.”

By simply putting a notice in the church bulletin, providing a collection method and depositing donations in the church ledger, Dawn is an inspiring example of how the simplest of gestures can have the biggest influence in the lives of young people.

What ways can you make a difference in the lives of young people?

For more information about how you can support children through SU QLD’s camping ministry, head to suqld.org.au/donate.

Samuel Moore

Digital Media and Communications Coordinator


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