22 June 2016

Meet the man behind the wheel…

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When you’ve done 11,000 laps of a creek, towing campers in a tube… I think that’s a sign you’re dedicated to SU Camps!

Steve Hosie has spent the last 37 years involved in camping ­first as a camper in 1979, later as a leader, and now as a bus and boat driver.

Steve HosieSteve (pictured) has owned a small coach and bus company since 1996, and every school holidays, his buses are loaded with hundreds of kids and leaders, eager to start their camping adventure.

“I don’t go on camps as a leader anymore, but I’m now involved in the logistics side. We do a lot of tubing and water skiing with camps. I first started towing kids around the lake way back in the early 1980s, using other people’s boats. But I got my own boat in 1986, and ever since then, I’ve been helping out. We’ve probably done at least 11,000 laps around Eudlo Creek over the years,” Steve says.

When Steve started his business, he felt it was only natural to start driving buses for SU QLD. “They were always trying to get buses from all different places and borrowing buses off churches. It was always hard finding drivers. I was glad I could help.”

Steve enjoyed SU camps as a kid, and now he likes helping other kids enjoy them too. “But it’s not just the kids who get impacted by camps. A lot of my non-­Christian drivers go away on an SU camp to drive kids around, and they always seem to come back having really enjoyed their  week away.”

Thank you to all of our volunteer cooks, bus drivers and organisers ­ your behind-the-scenes work makes SU Camps possible! If you can help on a SU Camp in any way, please email info@sucamps.org.au or call 1300 478 753.

Simeon Lawson

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