12 December 2016

So stoked for SU Schoolies that we’re booking now!

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Thousands of high school graduates recently descended on the Gold Coast in what has become an annual pilgrimage of sorts for Year 12s across the state. They were there to celebrate the end of their schooling lives.

For parents, Schoolies is an event that evokes a range of emotions, which often includes fear and trepidation.

For young people, it represents freedom and a milestone to be savoured. The sad reality, however, is that the celebration can end in regret – some school leavers give in to heavy drinking, drugs, fighting, and other poor choices.

There are positive alternatives of course, like SU QLD’s Schoolies program, which runs across five great locations. Each trip is packed full of fun activities, and plenty of time left for relaxing and just taking in the moment. Everything is drug and alcohol free, and run by a group of volunteers dedicated to making sure each and every student has a great time.SU-Schoolies Whitsundays

It really is the perfect way to start life after school.

It’s an image that certainly appealed to a group of Year 11 students from Brisbane’s Citipointe Christian College – and their parents – who will this time next year be preparing to celebrate at SU-Schoolies in the beautiful Whitsundays.

Isabelle, one of the students attending the SU Schoolies Whitsundays adventure, said she is really excited for next year.

“We’ll be swimming, snorkelling, relaxing, dancing, adventuring, and hopefully we’ll have a chance to steer the boat! I am super excited! It will be such an awesome adventure to mark the milestone of finishing school. Everyone is looking forward to celebrating together.”
Derek Peters, whose daughter will take part in this “trip of a lifetime”, first raised the idea of getting a group of Citipointe students together to attend an SU-Schoolies event. He had grown up attending SU QLD camps himself, and knew of the great reputation SU-Schoolies had for providing students with an amazing celebration in a safe environment.

“Like every parent I really want some positive choices for my kids as they’re approaching the end of their school years. I think it’s important to celebrate well, and to be in an environment where you can do that safely in a God-honouring way, but also do it with a high level of fun.”

SU-Schoolies WhitsundaysWhen Derek suggested this option to some other parents at his church, whose children also attend the school, they were intrigued to see if their children were interested in attending as well. The answer was a resounding YES!

Lucinda, whose daughter is graduating from Citipointe next year, said: “[My daughter] wasn’t really interested in the crowds and the chaos of the Gold Coast. The idea of having fun in a safe environment was something that appealed to her.”

SU-Schoolies is the perfect way to celebrate graduating high school. With action-packed programs run by dedicated, passionate volunteers, many of whom started their journey as an SU-Schoolie, you’ll have the “time of your life”. For more information visit http://su-schoolies.com/

Caitlyn Dunn

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