18 January 2015

What’s new with bible engagement?

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Meet Eric Swavley, our Bible Engagement Officer.

Over the last two years, Eric has been developing new ways of applying biblical principles to SU QLD’s work, particularly camping.

“The Bible is a part of our DNA. It is foundational to our core values and who we are,” Eric says.

Eric was a musician in a touring band, and was strongly impacted when one of his fans ended their life. Since then, he’s been passionate about caring for and encouraging young people. He attended Bible College and worked as a school chaplain before starting his role in the Brisbane office.

This year, Eric rolled out a program for spiritual input for camps. The framework means there is consistency across camps, but still allows camp directors to present the Bible creatively in their own way.

Eric is also working in partnership with the Queensland Bible Society to create a mobile phone ‘app’ called Qbla. The app allows young people to chat with other people their age about the Bible.

Eric’s vision for Bible Engagement in 2015 is to continue to work in partnership with local churches. “We want to continue to create the space for anyone involved in youth ministry to access and share ideas and resources,” he says.

To find out more about Bible Engagement, contact Eric on 07 3112 6400 or email erics@suqld.org.au.


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